Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Law School Do Over and a Potential Comeback

I know that we haven't updated in a long time (almost two years!), but that's because all of the regular contributors to this blog have long since graduated and are submerged in the world of billable hours, document review, legal research, court appearances and the like. But we may be making a comeback. Or at least an attempt.

If you are a law student who has found this blog helpful in the past -- or even just stumbled across it today -- and you're interested in contributing, let us know. Send an email to We're looking for regular contributors as well as guest posters.

In the meantime, check out this excellent blog post that, while a bit humorous, has a lot of truth in it: Law School Do-Over: 7 Things I'd Do Different

I, myself, was guilty of a number of these things in law school: #1, #2 and #6, in particular. And working for an appellate court judge after I graduated quickly broke me of #3. Oh, the things I wish I would have known then that I know now...