Monday, May 19, 2008

Waiting for grades

... is one of the worst things about law school.

Open thread -- feel free to vent about waiting for grades, rankings, etc.


Useless Dicta said...

Still too hungover from the post-finals/lucky 3L bastards graduating law school weekend to really care about grades yet, but if my trial practice grade isn't up by the end of this week I'm going to start to get antsy (cause that class ended almost a month ago)

Butterflyfish said...

You know what's worse than waiting for grades?


*angry muttering GPA not supposed to go down 2L year*

nicolle said...


it's weird. i've graduated. i know for a fact that i didn't fail anything. i have my degree in hand, i've walked the stage...and i'm still obsessively checking webSTAC for my grades.

i'm such a loser.

3L Wannabe said...

I alternate between obsessively checking and obsessively NOT checking in hopes that I will keep my scholarship. So far I have half my grades - and have my scholarship still. I have to stay at the B+/A- level grade wise in order to keep the money flow, and I am VERY nervous about one of the grades still out there.

MN said...

So what do you do if you can't find anything? If everything has been filled or you can't afford to go 1000 away from where you are now and it's too late for summer school?

Late Nights in Law School said...

My employer wanted transcripts showing our JD's from the new hirees by June 14. Not an unreasonable request since our graduation ceremony was May 9. Yet we didn't get our grades or learn for sure that we had actually graduated till June 25. Awesome.