Friday, February 04, 2011

ask away, ask away, ask away!

hello, everyone!

it's now February. first semester grades are in, and have been for a while, and you 1Ls are starting to figure out what kinds of study and test taking tactics work for you, and which don't. second semester is getting to be in full swing. the job hunt...that's probably also in full swing here.

anyway, it's been a while since we've done an open question forum. is anything weighing on your mind? is there anything you're just plain curious about? ask here, and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.


MEK said...

I'm going to a 4th tier law school and just completed my first semester. I got just below a 3.0, but I want a good summer internship. Also, this is a second career so I'm not the typical twenty-something. I'm not that interested in doing something related to my past career. I'm going to a public school so fortunately I won't have crazy debt when I get out. I'm perfectly willing to do a free internship. What's your best advice for landing a great summer internship? Do you have any suggestions for types of internships that most people won't think of or ones that are more available than one would expect?

Joe said...

How do you deal with gunners? I had a scored assignment where the two of us were opponents negotiating a contract and my opponent decided he needed to make the most one-sided ridiculous contract he could. He wouldn't move on his terms and as a result, I was graded down because I didn't really exchange numbers with him. I think he did it because he either didn't know better, or because he really wanted to win. But either way, he cost me.

zan said...

So. I decided I wouldn't do write on because I was interested in Big Law and I didn't even within the public interest field, org's had assured me it was unnecessary. I talked to my prof about things I should definitely consider pursuing while in school (in Washington D.C.), and she mentioned judicial internships, and in my head I was kind of like "uh oh," because it seems to me I have closed that door on those opportunities already, although I don't know if this is true on the state level. How difficult would it be at this point to pursue any judicial clerkship/externship/internship on any level without law review?

汪先送 said...

I'll a 4th tier regulation college and just accomplished our first term. I acquired just below the Several.3, however i require a great summer season internship. Furthermore wow gold
, this is the next career thus That's not me the standard twenty-something. I'm not that thinking about doing something related to my earlier occupation. I'm going to a public institution consequently the good news is I can't possess nuts debts while i move out buy world of warcraft gold. I'm perfectly prepared to perform free internship. What's your very best advice pertaining to obtaining a great summer time internship? Are you experiencing virtually any suggestions for forms of internships that a lot of people will not world of warcraft gold think of or perhaps ones which are much more obtainable than one would assume?

ABHI TYAGI said...

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Addison Conroy said...

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Vanya Malhotra said...

I was keen on Big Law and I didn't even inside of the general population interest field, organization's had guaranteed me it was pointless. I conversed with my prof about things I should consider seeking after while in school (in Washington D.C.), and she said legal temporary positions, and in my mind I was slightly like "uh gracious," on the grounds that it appears to me I have shut that entryway on those open doors as of now, in spite of the fact that I don't know whether this is valid on the state level.


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