Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hey 1Ls! Hey Pre-Ls!

Hey 1Ls!

You've gotten one semester under your belt. You're either happy with your grades or looking to improve. You've sort of got the hang of things but still find yourself spending too much time on legal skills.

We get it. We've been there.

Any burning questions?

Hey Pre-Ls!

Acceptances are rolling in. Or not. Or you're thinking of applying this year.

Any requests for posts?


Scott said...

I got accepted to GW and W&L...any helpful ideas on what factors to consider when choosing? Which would you choose and why?

Butterflyfish said...

Umm, telling other people what to do with their lives, I'm not so good at.

But from what i can tell by quick glance, both strong regional schools with apparently solid employment opportunities in the region, about equally ranked (a few spots in the differnece outside the t-15 does not matter, i don't care what the higher ranked one is saying).

Deciding factors for me were $$$, location, quality faculty. Trade off: job prospects. I am usually ok with the decision.

Randa said...

I'm starting my first quarter at Baylor this summer...what's keeping me up at night are BOOKS and how EXPENSIVE they are!

I've seen some used versions online for lots cheaper, but how old is too old as far as still being relevant? 5 years? One? Suggestions about how cheap I should really be when it comes to buying books?

theresa said...

what should i be doing the the summer between undergrad graduation and starting law school? i am finishing an engineering degree, and to be honest i'm a little burnt out. what i really want to do is be lazy and work in a mindless job, like starbucks. how important is it to get a summer job (or nonpaying one) the summer before law school?

Anonymous said...

Choosing a law school.

Strictly based on job prospects after graduation, is it worthwhile to go to a bottom of Tier 1 school with a major price tag, or to take decent scholarship money at a Tier 2 school?

Both are in the same geographic area, and I plan on practicing in that area after graduation.

I've just heard that once you're out of the top 35 schools in T1, everything else down to T3, is pretty much equivalent as far as that first job out of school goes.


I got into WUSTL- #19($) and Tulane-#47($$$). I want to practice in Texas, and get a market paying job. What is your advice?

And, what is the best way to get a legal job this summer (before I begin law school)?

Butterflyfish said...

Prue & Randa -- we'll do posts.

For the rest: I don't know nuttin about choosing no law schools.

I reiterate: Deciding factors for ME were $$$, location, quality faculty. Trade off: job prospects, less prestige. I am usually ok with the decision.

space said...

Could you post about your experiences (or the experiences of your contributors) as it pertains to being a working professional, coming back to law school?

I was a terrific student, have a great GPA, and have spent the past four years working in international TV, traveling from Los Angeles to Switzerland to Dubai to Africa. Why do I still have a sinking feeling that all of the fresh-from-college kids are ahead of me?!!?

Anonymous said...

I just received my class assignment for my admitted students weekend. I am scheduled to sit in on a constitutional law class. Can anyone enlighten me about this sort of law? The only thing I know of it is Susan Estrich's opinion that it spoils every law student because everyone wants to practice it, but almost no one gets to.

What should I expect?