Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Round up of pre-L advice

Ok, Pre-Ls: you're getting ready to get started. You might be moving, buying books, looking at that tuition statement, second guessing your decision and freaking out. You're not alone. So to give you something to do this week before orientation, I thought I'd round up what others have said about law school.

Some of these are older posts by those who have since left law school and the world of blogging, but are no less relevant. I've tried to select advice posts that don't directly contradict each other, as well as posts that are funny or painfully true or both.

Advice from this site:

Ubiquitous Top Tens:

Other Advice:

Five tips for your summer before law school. Jansen, No.634.

Advice if you want to start a law school blog. He's absolutely right about the anonymity. You don't have to be eponymous, and googlenonymousness is good in general, but write as if you fully expect your classmates to read it. Because they will. Three Years of Hell.

Some advice from a guy who turned a law blog into a book. Jeremy Blachman

Landing a 747. All Against All

Advice for your first summer job. Nicolle.

Laugh. The Best of Wings and Vodka.

Re: Gunners. This is Gunning. Don't be that guy. Being prepared for class, answering questions correctly when called on, working hard and trying to do your best on exams is NOT Gunning.


Ten bad reasons to attend law school. Barely Legal (Actually, just read that whole blog.)

Death of law school naivety. Law Bitches.

What it takes to get hired in BigLaw. Who Owns the Fox.


LSAT blog. Wish this guy was around when I was prepping.


Sage said...

had a quick questions, what does it mean when law schools extend application deadlines?

Esq said...

@Sage: I'd think it means they don't have enough students to fill their seats.

This was an awesome post! Lots of really interesting stuff. Thanks!