Saturday, July 31, 2010

Open Thread

Ok pre-Ls... one month or so til law school. Any questions?


Unknown said...

What are the tricks for finding law school books at prices lower than the school's bookstore? Any advice other than Amazon and Thanks!

jumi said...

What software is considered "standard" for law students nowadays?

Am I going to be in trouble for indulging my hippy side by trying to go open source (I'm thinking of Open Office, as opposed to Microsoft Word)

The Jogger said...

Concerning things like Fed. Rules of Civil Procedure or UCC, did you have to memorize those verbatim?

KB said...

I have a question regarding note taking. I've always been someone that likes to take notes by hand. Will I be at a disadvantage? I thought I would take the notes by hand and then transfer them each each to my laptop. Or should I just make the jump and start taking notes with the laptop? I'm worried that I'll be too focused on the formatting and not the actual note taking if I use the laptop in class.

Suzan Baker said...

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Patricia Carter said...

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