Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How Not To Succeed in Law School.

Hat tip to TJ for alerting us to this article.

In a classic "I Wish I Would Have Known Moment" I can only say that I wish I would have read this article before I went to law school. Wait, it probably wouldn't have stopped me, and I probably would have spent all of my first year trying to figure out which one of the three 1L groups I would fit in.

Yeah, it is 28 pages. But what else do you have to do during Civil Procedure?

Bonus points to anyone that can tell me how this actually got published in the Yale Law Review.


The Wannabe Lawyer said...

The facts don't say whether or not the acid touched Pat. If it did not, it was an assault. If it did, it was a battery. Of course it was clearly a battery if it was---battery acid!!!

This is the kind of humor that can only be appreciated by law students and lawyers.

Overthee Hill said...

That article is absolutely hilarious. Thanks for posting it!

Brittmae said...

I have read it and it is amazing..I love "do you know anyone who went to Yale...firsthand...really? That is what I thought...that is how it is so one gets into one!"

I am so excited that I actually get to take classes from this guy at BYU. Anyone who likes Dave Barry is good in my book.

Obiter Ovum said...

Yeah I know it's been like 4 years since this blog was posted and the only other person to read this will be some sort of cyber archeologist....

I read the whole thing and laughed the entire way.

THANK-GOD I am doing Law in Australia not the US. No curve, no Socratic method and so on.


Greg Prosmushkin said...
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Greg Prosmushkin said...

Thanks for writing this post, it was informative and enjoyable