Sunday, December 23, 2007



by now, you all should be done with your finals. to all you 1Ls...congratulations on making it through one of the most foreign, stressful, and unsettling experiences of your life.

finals weeks get easier after this. they never get objectively easy...finals are hard, and will require late nights of studying even as an upperclassman. but, the more law school finals you take, the better idea you'll have on how to take them in the future. as much advice as we can try to give here, it's no substitute for experience. it's no substitute for familiarity with the stressful testing environment. it's no substitute for wading through those fact patterns, shoving the stress to the back of your mind, flipping through that immaculately-tabbed outline [if you're fortunate enough to have a open-book final], and spotting as many issues as you can in the three hours you have.

and now, here's my advice for what to do over the next couple weeks:

relax. have fun. spend time with your friends. party. stay out all night. stay in bed all day. watch football, or watch some bad reality television. read books that have nothing to do with the law.

overdose on all the things you had to eschew during finals and in the weeks leading up to it. you've earned it. ♥

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