Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hanging in there?

Hey 1Ls,

Hope you had a great break and New Year. Some of you may be back to class this week. More will be back to class next week.

But who gives a sh*t, right? You don't yet have the one thing you want more than anything else right now: your damn grades.

Sure, maybe your professor actually graded everything already (hahahhahahha *wipes tear*), but the administration has been snowboarding since three days before Christmas, so nothing has been posted. Today, they might be back at work. Maybe.

But you probably haven't gotten any grades yet... and that won't change soon, no matter how many times you hit refresh on the browser.

Its ok to be a little anxious about these grades.

But try not to freak out too much.


nicolle said...

it's really hard not to be neurotic about grades coming back.

i'm a 3L with a job, my grades don't matter anymore...and yet i'm still frantically checking for my grades several times a day. i stressed out about finals, and that stress never feels resolved until i get the grades in.

*points to self* don't be this guy.

Butterflyfish said...

Hey Nicolle, you ever get the feeling we're talking to ourselves on this blog?

Any Pre-L / 1Ls out there????

Meow said...

this was definitely the story of my christmas break.

luckily, the last grade i'm waiting for comes from a professor who is noteworthy for saying things like "daddy likes it" and "sheep can't consent," so we're not expecting grades until next semester because we know he's too busy assaulting mid-size mammals. i'll be happily surprised if we get them before spring break.

- 1L