Monday, August 03, 2009

(Almost) FREE law school supplements! HERE!

Welcome to the First (and probably only)
Wish I Would Have Known Law School Supplement Give Away
(some restrictions apply)

  • Comment below to list the supplements (MAX 3) you would like.
  • Then EMAIL ilovebutterflyfish at with shipping information.
  • First come, first served. I only have one copy of each. Limit THREE books per address.


1. These books are not totally free.
When I receive your email, I will send a request for PayPal payment to offset the cost of shipping/packaging/handling. I think $5 each book is fair... I'll probably actually lose money at that rate.

2. I want these books to go to a law student who will use them this year.
So please don't pick the books you're pretty sure you can turn around on Amazon for the quickest profit, mmmk?

3. Limit THREE to an address.

And now, the books:

Aspen Examples&Explanations

  • Civil Procedure (Fifth Ed.) Glannon
  • Criminal Law (Third Ed.) Singer & LaFond
  • Evidence (Fifth Ed.) Best
  • Property (Second Ed.) Burke & Snoe
  • Torts (Third Ed.) Glannon

  • Introduction to the Law of Real Property (Third Edition) Moynihan & Kurtz
  • Problems and Answers: Estates in Land and Future Interests (Third Edition) Makdisi (Probably the hardest thing to understand in property law, this book was so approachable that I didn't need to relearn this area of the law for the bar exam.)
  • Learning Criminal Law as Advocacy Argument (complete with Exam Problems and Answers) By John Delaney (I preferred this for Crim over the E&E!)

  • Civil Procedure (21st Ed.) Steven Emanuel
  • Wills, Trusts, and Estates (7th Ed.) Peter Wendel. Keyed to Dukeminier/Johanson/Lindgren/Sitkoff casebook.
  • Crunchtime: Corporations (2nd Ed.) Steven Emanuel

Case Summaries:
  • High Court Case Summaries -- Keyed to Sullivan's Constitutional Law casebook -- 15h Ed.

  • How to do your best on law school exams (complete with problems and answers) (Third Revised Ed.) John Delaney.
Legal Skills
  • Synthesis: Legal reading, reasoning, and writing. (Second Ed.) Schmedemann & Kunz

Books requested on 8/3/09 may go out as early as 8/4/09!
This was wildly successful, huh?

Disclaimer: none of these is the current editions. Editions listed above! They may in fact be two editions out of date. But most of this law has not changed in many years... the companies push out new editions with trivial changes each year to keep prices high. These are used books -- most are gently used, with little highlighting and few margin notes -- but they are used all the same. As is, all warranties expressly disclaimed, and whatever other legal mumbo jumbo you want to throw in here.


Butterflyfish said...


Holly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Five Small Meals said...


Thank you SO much for posting this.

Boyfriend and I would like the following three:

Problems and Answers: Estates in Land and Future Interests (Third Edition)

Evidence (Fifth Ed.) Best

How to do your best on law school exams (complete with problems and answers) (Third Revised Ed.) John Delaney.

I'll email shortly with our details!

Elle Finch said...

Hello Butterflyfish. I'd like

Learning Criminal Law as Advocacy Argument, and both the Civ Pro [I have it this fall] and the Wills and Trusts Emanuels.

Off to send my email. Thanks for being fabulous.

Warren T said...

I'd love the evidence e&e and the corporations crunchtime. Thanks!

Jere Keys said...

You're a lifesaver! I'll take Crim Law E&E, the Problems and Answers: Estates in Land and Future Interests, and Learning Criminal Law as Advocacy Argument. I'm taking both Property and Crim Law this fall.

Billy said...

I'm going to be a 1L and I could really use the Aspen Examples & Explanations supplement.

May I please have, Criminal Law (Third Ed.) Singer & LaFon?

Thanks! E-mail to follow.

Butterflyfish said...

HOLLY Civil Procedure Glannon
HOLLY Property Burke & Snoe
HOLLY Torts Glannon

FIVE E&FL Makdisi
FIVE Evidence (Best)
FIVE Delaney Law School Exams

ELLE Delaney Learning Criminal Law
ELLE Emanuel Civil Procedure
ELLE Emanuel Wills, Trusts,

WARREN Crunchtime: Corporations ONLY

JERE E&E Criminal Law Singer & LaFond ONLY

BILLY -- NONE sorry!!

Butterflyfish said...

(Email request took out Synthesis book)

Mike said...

Hello Butterflyfish,

Can I get the High Court Case Summaries on Constitutional Law (Keyed to Sullivan, Fifteenth Edition)? It would be very helpful. My email address is (I couldn't figure out how to email you directly).


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Nathan Salminen said...

You can find the current editions of all these books listed here: law school supplements.

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