Sunday, August 16, 2009

Orientation: Open Thread

How long is it?
What did you do?
What did you wear?
What did others wear?
How many times did you hear the words: "You'll find what works for you."


Athena said...

Ooohhhh.. I like this thread. Will comment soon ... look forward to swapping some dirt. I feel like people are freaking themselves out so much beforehand, and you just gotta do the damn thing.

Just Trying said...

How long is it? Ours lasted 3 days
What did you do? We sat and listened to motivational speaking much of the time. But we also ended up treking around campus on a poorly designed scavenger hunt...No one anticipated this since the law school is all in one building. So, ladies be smart... bring flats just in case..
What did you wear? I wore a skirt and heels each day, don't remember the specifics. But to reemphasize, pack flat shoes just in case...
What did others wear? Looked pretty business casual. I think there were some jeans, but they looked like the odd men out.
How many times did you hear the words: "You'll find what works for you." I lost count

dormrmtocourtrm said...

Mine was 4 days of constant scare tactics. We were told we had to report every speeding ticket for character and fitness and that no matter what you've done, law school will be the hardest thing ever. It was a little overboard.